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Andrea Hauer
Estoy aqui! / I am here!

To create a series of 20 postcards each made from a collage of graphic material recycled from adverts, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, tickets, maps and unite them using text, drawings and photography. There will be great care to make reference to the “here” (where-Madrid and when-date). After this series has been completed 1000 copies will be printed that will be distributed for free in certain parts of the city like telephone booths and hostels with the intention that they are taken and used.

Budget: 3000 €
(Postcards print and distribution)

Details of the project

Fine Art Degree from The Catholic University of Chile. Currently attending the Complutense University of Madrid where he is pursuing a PhD.
Solo and Group exhibitions in Spain, exhibiting his photographic and pictorial art work. For the year 2008/2009 he has been granted a residency by the Karrvaz Foundation.


Works / sketches